Frequently Asked Questions

(or, "Everything you ever wanted to know about the YMCA Road Hockey SPRING Classic but were afraid to ask.")

How many people can play on a team?

Teams are made up of 4-6 players.

Who can play? Can my grandmother play?

The YMCA welcomes everybody to participate in our tournament! We're excited to have divisions for all ages and skill levels from Masters-level to Pee Wee. We do this to try to match you with players of approximate prowess! 

And because we know she’s been asking, yes, your grandmother can play. But the no-high-sticking rule applies to her too.

How will I know I'm registered?

Once you register and pay, you will receive a confirmation email. (We'll get one too.) You can print the bar code and ticket to bring with you to the tournament.

What are the rules for this event? Do I need special equipment?

We're using road hockey rules for the tournament - no goalies and 'pond hockey rules.' Read more about regulations and equipment

Can we dress up to play?

You can absolutely dress up! We encourage you to do so, in fact: there’s nothing more exciting than team spirit. We ask that you not promote profanity, hate speech or messaging that contravenes the YMCA's messaging, though. If you have a question about whether or not your costumes are appropriate, call us at 705-497-9622 ext. 254.

I’m playing in the tournament—do I need to bring a lunch?

Good news: as a registered player, your lunch is included in your registration fee. If you’re still feeling peckish during the event—and who among us doesn’t need to refuel when playing sports?—the Orchards Fine Foods mobile truck will be on site for all your healthy food needs.

I have a food allergy. Can you help me?

Absolutely—let us know in advance (there's a spot on the registration form you can fill out) and we’ll sort something out for you. Just call 705-497-9622 ext. 254 and we’ll add your name to a list to pass along to our food provider.

Where does the money from my registration go?

All proceeds from the registration benefit the 2018 YMCA Strong Kids campaign which helps us provide access to health, fitness and aquatics programs – plus child care, after school programs and summer camp – to families in need. Read more about the campaign!

I’d love to do more than just pay a registration fee. How can I do more for the Strong Kids Campaign?

Good news! When you register your team, you have the option of adding a donation amount. This is your pledge: if you pledge a total of $250 (your fee plus at least $75), your team receives t-shirts to wear on the day of the event!