YMCA Road Hockey Rules and Regulations must be strictly adhered to for all players and for your own safety. Should you have any questions, please direct them to Elizabeth Aver by phone at 705-497-9622 ext 254; or by email at elizabeth.aver@ymcaneo.ca

All participants must have fun and remember the spirit of fair play! Together we are raising money for the Strong Kids Campaign!

Rules may be changed prior to tournament. No changes will be made the day of the tournament. Each team will receive a copy of the rules upon registering. 


Important Highlights (for the complete Rules and Regulations, click on the link below)

  1. All games are 3 on 3 – this means that there are 3 players from each team on the playing surface. The remaining players stand outside the playing surface and must not interfere with the game play.
  2. If the game-ball moves outside the arena, the ball will be retrieved or another game-ball will be given to the closest player to where the ball left the arena (referee has final say). The opposing player must remain 2 sticks length away until the ball is in play.
  3. A horn will be used to start the game; it will be used at the end the first period and to end the game. The referee will start the second period.
  4. Each game will be 20 minutes in length - two 10 minute periods. A horn will 'sound-off' to start the game, half-way (after the 1st 10 minutes of the game - change ends) and to end the game. Teams will change ends and the referee will start the 2nd period.
  5. GAME START: The home team (dark coloured jersey) will have first ball possession - they will start the game within their half of the playing surface. The opposition must remain on their half of the playing surface until the ball is in motion (game starts!). The light colored jerseys will have ball possession to start the second period.
  6. Elementary Day Semi-Final and Final games will be 15 minutes long.
  7. There will be no goalies.
  8. There will be no icing or off-sides.
  9. Slap-shots are not allowed.  If a player takes a slap-shot the game-ball will be given to the opposition at the centre of the arena. A slap-shot is defined as: when the hockey stick is raised above the knees prior to striking the ball. Before the ball is put into play, the opposition must be 2 sticks length from the ball.
  10. There will be a referee and a score keeper(these individuals will ensure fair play is adhered to). All referee decisions will be final!
  11. Only goals that are scored within the opposition's half of the playing surface will be counted. The referee has final say!
  12. The player first into the corner is given a stick length from the opposition. First to the corner gets a goal if not adhered to.
  13. After a goal is scored, the team scored on will receive the ball within their half of the playing surface. The opposition must remain on their half of the playing surface until the game-ball is in motion.
  14. Goal-tending is not allowed. Goal-tending in front of the net is defined as: a player acting like a goal-tender. Players are allowed to move in front of the net to block a shoot.
  15. Goal-tending or any unfair play (hooking, slashing, tripping or unnecessary roughing) will result in a goal awarded to the other team. The referee has final say! 
  16. Any unforeseen circumstances will be ruled on by the committee. There will be no appeal process.